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August 7, 2008

Town Hall meeting for women in summer research programs
Susan A Brady (moderator), Bethany Faye Lyles Goldblum, Cecilia Aragon, Kathy Bjornstad, Gersende Prior (panelists)

June 19, 2007
Interviewing Skills for the Interviewer

Hiring the Best: The Interviewing Process - Bill Barletta, MIT
Abstract: As part of our job duties we often have to interview job applicants without having had guidance or training on how to get the  most out of an interview. To provide such guidance we invited Bill Barletta (former AFRD division director). He gave a very informative presentation on topics like what are the various interviewing styles and techniques and their advantages and disadvantages. Even though the main thrust of the presentation is to guide the interviewer, people that are likely to go through a job interview in the near future will benefit from seeing and learning about the process from the interviewers perspective to develop an interviewee strategy.
"Presentation is available from the author, barletta at" 

Illegal or Inappropriate Interview Questions - Leslie Cobb, LBNL

Background reference:
Diversity Awareness - Mary Topliff, Consultant

July 6, 2006

African Astronomy and Best Mentoring Practices - Hakeem Oluseyi, University of Alabama

December 12, 2005

Outreach Resources: Opportunities in Sciences, Technology, and Engineering Education - Rollie Otto, LBNL and Peggy McMahan, LBNL

October 20, 2005

Immigration Issues - Ben Ortega, IRSO, LBNL