General Sciences Diversity Plan

The Diverstiy Plan for General Sciences includes initiatives in areas such as education and public outreach, scientific and technical staff pipeline, strategic recruiting, workforce development, and communication awareness.

Diversity Spotlights

Southern University (a HBCU) Professor Ali Fazely and two undergraduate students spent the summer of 2004 at LBNL. Leslie Sanford worked with Dr. Ali Fazely on Monte Carlo simulation. The other student, Tannus Joubert of
Southern University A & M College, worked with Dr. Spencer Klein (NSD) on software for IceCube. She won third place for her poster on IceCube at the 2004 LAMP (Louisiana Alliance for Minority Participation) conference.

At the February 2007 General Sciences All-Hands Diversity meeting, Peter Seidl (AFRD) shared his spring 2006 experience of being involved with the local Junior High School after-school science outreach program. Mike Johnson (NSD) shared his experience of mentoring undergraduate students in the summer of 2006.

The GS Workplace Committee recognizes the contributions by many staff scientists in General Sciences who volunteer their time and effort in education and public outreach on an individual basis. We encourage you to see the page that contains a list of these outreach activities.



General Sciences Workplace Committee

The committee has 7 members consisting of two persons from each general sciences division, and a liaison person from HR. The committee meets every two weeks and is responsible for writing and implementing the GS Diversity Plan. Under special circumstances, and if appropriate, the committee may speak to represent the employees' interests.

Our Workplace

What are the demographics of General Sciences? Also included are budgets for each division. Strategic Recruiting is a focal point of the Workplace Committee. We encourage your comments and suggestions regarding diversity development in General Sciences.


The GS Workplace Committee (WPC) sponsors brown bag lunches to provide opportunities for training and exchange ideas. You can retrieve some of the past presentations from our archives.